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"41st Division E Company 186 Infantry Fort Lewis 41st Cantonment Area - Sgt Robert Spencer advises 1st Sgt Howard Petersen in some cabinet carpentry"
"41st Division 1941 - Pertaining to the new 41st Cantonment area - N. Ft. Lewis - 1st Sgt Howard Petersen"
"186th Infantry - 41st Cantonment - North Fort Lewis Sgt Lyle Gerber and 162nd Sgt"
"41st Division E Co. 186 Inf. Camp Murray - Mess Sgt. Bert Burke cutting a quarter of beef - dirt floor"
"41st Division - August 1940 - Platoon Sgt Bill Gamble demonstrates 60mm trench mortar - on maneuvers at Hunter-Liggett military reservation, California"
"Signal Corps Photo. 503rd RCT members in C-47 hooked to static line ready to jump - Sgt Albert Baldwin of Steubenville, Ohio leads the jump in first positition - Signal Corps original, from Lantern Slide from Bob Flynn - fairly sharp"
"Engine change at Lingayen - Bernardo on the hoist" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Changing an Engine. After a certain number of hours, plane engines had to be replaced rather than repaired. Here, Hill documents the derrick and crew preparing to hoist a…
"Sgt Bill Cox - 49th Fighter Sqdn Mess Sgt"
"Hunter-Liggett Division (40th 41st) war games Sgt Bill Gamble being tough carrying both 60mm Mortar tubes"
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