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"College - 1939 - Women's Residence Hall Life"
Two young women stand behind a steel counter and serve sandwiches and soup cafeteria style. A young man slides his tray of food along the steel tray shelf it is designed for. The back wall is covered in square tiles, and there is an open food window…
Wearing an all white, shorts outfit, an unidentified young woman swings her racket high as she serves a tennis ball.
"5/1991 - Faculty Awards Banquet" Two images of students preparing the plates to be served during the banquet.
"10/31/1991 - Halloween food service" - eight images
"11/1991 - Midnight breakfast" - four images .017 - From left to right: Mike Daugherty (in profile), Jim Hottois (in profile), Dick Stenard. .019 - From left to right: Jim Hottois (1st, in profile), Mike Daugherty (2nd, back to camera). .020 - From…

"2/1986 - Faculty Italian Dinner"

Leroy Damewood.

"2/1986 - Faculty Italian Dinner"

Jan Selland (left).

"2/1986 - Faculty Italian Dinner"

Jean Bluhm.
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