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"1954-55 Hoke Hall Dinner" The coffee shop area of the original Hoke Building has been transformed for a large dinner. Young women serve up their plates cafeteria style while others wearing aprons push dish carts and serve.
Two young women stand behind a steel counter and serve sandwiches and soup cafeteria style. A young man slides his tray of food along the steel tray shelf it is designed for. The back wall is covered in square tiles, and there is an open food window…
"September 1980" Fourteen images taken during the Faculty & Staff Luncheon. .001-.002 - From left to right around the table: Bill Wells (1st), Ronald Williams (2nd, standing), Dave Gilbert (4th), Katsuyui Sakamoto, (5th), Gerald [Jerry] Young (6th).…
"September 1980" Four images of kitchen workers and servers, taken during the Faculty & Staff Luncheon.
"1/16/1981" Eleven images of a candlelight dinner with students attending as both guests and servers. Two EOSC employees were there as guests also.
"12/1981" A series of images of Dorion Hall resident students serving Christmas dinner to senior citizens in Hoke Hall.
"May 1984" Six images of a dinner in Hoke Hall for students and their guests. Soup is served, as well as a dessert cake.
"11/1984 - PFM Dinner" Nine images taken in the Hoke Hall kitchen and dining room of preparations for a dinner.
"11/1984 - Thanksgiving Dinner for Seniors"

Ray Steele (right, in profile).
"12/1984" Ten images of kitchen staff preparing Christmas dinner, and then recruiting some of the administration members to help serve it to the students.

Ray Steele.
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