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"Elgin High School Domestic Science Class [April 19,] 1916 - 5th is Ethel Shelton, 17th is Mildred Schnore" [Photograph used in "History of Elgin, Oregon" by Bernal Hug (page 37, picture no. 21). Includes full list of people in photograph: Vera Hug,…
"1953-54 Physical Science Lab" A large group of young men and women work on and observe the experiments on a table in the Physical Science Lab.
"1966 - Academic Activity, Secretarial Science" The group of young women in the secretarial science program pose together in two rows with the front row sitting and the back row standing. Professor Sarah Stein is standing at the back, left end.…
"1965-66 Faculty - Dr. Sarah Stein, Dr. Leonard Good, Business & Secretarial Science" Dr. Stein and Dr. Good appear to be in an office or faculty room. Dr. Stein is seated with papers on the table in front of her, and Dr. Good is standing to her…
"1952-53 - Vernon Long, Instructor in Physical Science" This is a portrait of Vernon Long wearing a dark colored suit blazer, light colored dress shirt, dark necktie, and eyeglasses.
"1977 New Faculty - Ann Schenk, Secretarial Science Instructor" This is an informal portrait of Ann Schenk weaing a light colored v-neck shirt over a similarily toned, loose turtleneck.
"October 1976 - Fauneil Lynch, Secretarial Science (1976-77)" This is a small headshot. She is wearing light colored, layered clothing.
"1/28/1976 - Jeffery Highland, Political Science Instructor" This is an informal portrait of Jeffery Highland wearing a medium colored blazer, striped casual dress shirt, black necktie, and eyeglasses.
This is a picture of a full classroom of mostly young women, but also a few young men who are working on their typing skills as part of the secretarial sciences. [Photo appears in the 1949 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 62.]
A young woman with blonde hair shows a boy the plant she is holding. He listens attentively, and he is holding a cut flower himself.
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