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"Eastern Oregon State Normal School baseball team portrait - Weston, Oregon - 1908." Identified on back of photograph: "Fred Weatherford (Olex), Lester Hearst, Hugo Weinert, Frank Miller (Cove), Ira D. Staggs (Weston), O'Harrah (Weston), Coach…
"'Umatilla Indian School, interior - 1906"
"Tollgate, Oregon - circa 1900-1910 - A wagon is passing through the toll gate for which the area was named." Sign above the gate reads: "Woodward Wagon Road Co. Toll Rates: (unreadable)" [See: Union County Historical Society, 1961 Annual (page 2)…
"'Umatilla Indian School, interior - 1906"
"Wallace J. Lisle - xmas 1916 - 9 years old"
"22. 7th Annual Cherry Fair - Aug. 15, 1917 - Cove, Oregon. King Bing and Queen Ann, with Attendants. The king is Archie Antles and the queen is Byrle Conley. They were both about six years of age."
"Wreckage of Cast Iron Mary, the temperance statue / drinking fountain located at Fourth and Depot Streets near the Methodist Church in La Grande, Oregon. It was erected in 1904 and demolished April 29, 1922 by a notorious bootlegger in a high-speed…
Postcard of from right to left: "George Glover, Ray Glover (brothers, approx. 6 and 4 years of age) - 1907. The two other children are unidentified. The Glovers, of Union, Oregon, published 'The E.O. Republican' about 1905-1910."

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"Bowman Hicks yard - Wallowa - #2 Shay - Mutt Anderson
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