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"8. State Normal School - La Grande, Ore. - June 5, 1929" - Inlow Hall
"3. State Normal - La Grande, Oregon"
"Laying of Corner Stone, State Normal School, June 5, 1929, La Grande, Oregon"
"4. Laying of Cornerstone, State Normal School, June 5, 1929, La Grande, Oregon"
"The Cornerstone" Using a winch and pulley, a group of men get ready to set the cornerstone on Inlow Hall. The gentleman in front is wearing a medal and apron associated with the Masons.
Probably one of the very first elementary classrooms at the training school. [Photo appears in the 1930 EONS Catalog.]
"Kate Houx, Director of Training School - 'May all the fine possibilities of which teaching is possessed be yours -- the lasting friendships
"[1930] Caroline Stevenson, Training Teacher, 6th grade, N21" Students and teacher sit at desks in a semi-cirlce in this elementary classroom. There is a bird in a cage in the center, and there are pictures of birds on the wall in the background.
"[1930] Lulu Grace Allen, Teacher, 3rd grade, N-18" This is a 1930 elementary 3rd grade classroom setting.
"1933-34 Ackerman - November, A.5." This is the class of 1933-34 at Ackerman Elementary School. The picture was taken outside of the building.
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