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"Eastern Oregon State Normal School baseball team portrait - Weston, Oregon - 1908." Identified on back of photograph: "Fred Weatherford (Olex), Lester Hearst, Hugo Weinert, Frank Miller (Cove), Ira D. Staggs (Weston), O'Harrah (Weston), Coach…
"'Umatilla Indian School, interior - 1906"
"Wallace J. Lisle - xmas 1916 - 9 years old"
"22. 7th Annual Cherry Fair - Aug. 15, 1917 - Cove, Oregon. King Bing and Queen Ann, with Attendants. The king is Archie Antles and the queen is Byrle Conley. They were both about six years of age."
"Bowman Hicks yard - Wallowa - #2 Shay - Mutt Anderson
"Two boys and a man playing a ukelele stand on top of a Bowman-Hicks #4 Shay locomotive - Maxville, Oregon - 1923"
"J.R. Gilbert ranch house near Joseph, Oregon - circa 1910. The Gilbert family are standing out in the front yard.
"The Leavitt Family - Taken at La Grande, Ore. 1888"
"Unidentified grade school children on the front steps of a brick schoolhouse - circa 1890's." [Of note: They appear to be dressed in their "Sunday best" clothing.]
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