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"6/75 - Jim Robertson, Alice Trindle" Three images of Alice Trindle receiving a music scholarship award from Professor Jim Robertson.
"5/1991 - Scholarship recipients / Eastern Scholar awards" Nine images of individual students receiving award certificates from Dick Stenard (right).
"1/23/1991 - Foreign student scholarships" - two images
"1/23/1991 - Foreign student scholarships" Six images of Dick Stenard (right) presenting scholarship certificates to foreign students.
"1990" Five images of groups of scholarship award winners posing together. 90041 .019 - From left to right: Saichi Oba (1st), Danielle Russo (2nd), Campbell (3rd), Peggy Vargas (5th), Dick Stenard (6th). 90043 .024 - From left to right: Saichi Oba,…
"1990" Seventeen images of students receiving scholarship certificates. 90041 [Presented by Dick Stenard.] .004 - Campbell, J. .007 - Peggy Vargas. .011 - Danielle Russo. 90046 [Presented by Dave Gilbert.] 90047 [Presented by Dave Gilbert.] .009 -…
"4/1987 - Scholarship Winners"

From left to right: Jim Hottois (1st), Jens Robinson [Dean of Education] (4th, behind winners).
"6/1975 - Jim Robertson, Alice Trindle" Wearing an apple patterned dress with fabric buttons up the front, Alice Trindle receives a music scholarship award from Professor Jim Robertson.
"June 1975 - Presidential Scholarships to Summer Music Camp - Left to right: Dr. Rodney Briggs, Cathy Brown, Alice Trindle, Karen Young"
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