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"Elgin Businesses - The Brick Saloon"
"Elgin Businesses - The Brick Saloon"
"Elgin street scene - Looking east on Old Main Street from 6th St. and Alder. 1. J.J. Donovan Livery Barn 2. Elgin Recorder (formerly W.H. Griggs Saloon) 3. Hardware Store 4. Meat Market 5. Shoe Repair 6. Frank Shevlin's Veto Saloon 7. George…
"The Mint Saloon interior - J.B. Thorson in front of bar - C.L. Mellquist behind the bar - circa 1890's" [Note: The many spittoons along the footrail in front of bar.] [Labeled here as being in La Grande. However, Fred Hill places The Mint Saloon in…
"Corner Saloon interior, Enterprise, Oregon. Bartender: Charlie Lewis, Big man: Albert LaTrelle. The saloon had bullet holes in the ceiling and walls where customers had shot out the lights."

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"The Blue Front Saloon, La Grande, Oregon. E. Thorson, proprietor. December 15, 1902." Five gentlemen stand on a boardwalk out in front of The Blue Front Saloon. [Note: The photographer's camera case is sitting at the far left near the facade.]

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"1890 - Interior of Blue Front Saloon, La Grande, OR - Man at left possibly Ernest Thorson"
"Summerville, Oregon street scene in winter - circa 1890." The following businesses are identified: "J.L. McKinnis Planing Mill, Bonnett Blacksmith Shop, Ott Brewery, Bonanza Saloon."
"1913 & 1915 Ads from Union Stock Show Programs - Cornucopia Saloon"
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