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"10/1985" Five images of Adams Avenue in La Grande, Oregon with the October Folk Festival and Homecoming banner hanging above the street. The old Safeway grocery store is just visible at the end of Adams.
"The Grandy house, built in 1875." Located on the corner of Adams Avenue and Fourth Street. Replaced by the La Grande Hotel and then eventually by Safeway.
"11. 1927 - La Grande Hotel" The Grandy house was built on this site in 1875 and was then replaced by the hotel. Later still, the site would be used for a Safeway store.
"La Grande, Oregon street scene - 1898. Adams Ave., looking toward Grandy house on corner of Adams and Fourth. [La Grande Hotel was built on the corner after the Grandy house, and before Safeway took it's place - noted Nov. 15, 1961.]"
"Eastern Oregon Livestock Show parade - June 1940"
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