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"Cherry Fair - circa 1917 - Cove, Oregon. A posed group consisting of six men, eleven women, and one baby. The men are holding musical instruments, and 'S.A.CO.' [Salvation Army Company?] is written on their hats."
"Sumpter Valley Railway - circa 1910-1915"
"Oregon shortline engine with five passenger cars on the Snake River Bridge - 1885.
"S.C. Miller Furniture Store, interior - Union, Oregon - circa 1890's"
"Ratchet wheels and shaft for Red Boy hoist plant. Transferred by sleds pulled by a 12-horse team from Sumpter, Oregon by S.T. Co. (Tom McEwen, Manager) - Jan. 5, 1901."
"Sumpter Smelters of the O. S. and R. Co. [Oregon Smelting and Refining Co.] - Sumpter, Ore. - circa 1901-1903"
"Ads from Stock Show Programs - 1930 S.V.E. Stevens-Van Engelen Co. Stores Verna's programs before donated to County Museum"
"W.A. Elmer's Thrasher - Buffalo-Pitts Co. Thrasher - 1910 - on M.S. Rush Place, High Valley, Oregon"
"19. L.D.S. Recreation Hall - La Grande, Oregon - 1929+/-"
"H. M. S. 'Pinafore'" A comic operetta that is also called, "The Lass that Loved a Sailor."
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