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"Ratchet wheels and shaft for Red Boy hoist plant. Transferred by sleds pulled by a 12-horse team from Sumpter, Oregon by S.T. Co. (Tom McEwen, Manager) - Jan. 5, 1901."
"Sumpter Valley Railway - circa 1910-1915"
"Oregon shortline engine with five passenger cars on the Snake River Bridge - 1885.
"S.C. Miller Furniture Store, interior - Union, Oregon - circa 1890's"
"Sumpter Smelters of the O. S. and R. Co. [Oregon Smelting and Refining Co.] - Sumpter, Ore. - circa 1901-1903"
"Ads from Stock Show Programs - 1930 S.V.E. Stevens-Van Engelen Co. Stores Verna's programs before donated to County Museum"
"W.A. Elmer's Thrasher - Buffalo-Pitts Co. Thrasher - 1910 - on M.S. Rush Place, High Valley, Oregon"
Walter Reuter (on the left) stands on some railroad tracks with two other unidentified men. There are train box cars behind them.
"Early scene of S.D. Miller estate - Union, OR"

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"Participants in 1969 Vet's day Parade - La Grande, Oregon Lynn Hill - WWI - Ft. Lewis Lloyd Hill - Korean era Fred Hill - WWII - South Pacific Ed Hill - Vietnam era Photo by Observer Photog"
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