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"First steel bridge in Union County. Spans Grande Ronde River at Island City. - circa 1900" Advertisement on wooden railing of bridge reads: "Guns and Ammunition at Bohnenkamp's" [Photograph used in "History of Union County, Oregon" (page 190),…
"The Little Salmon River, at Troy, was dammed and a short flume carried the water to the mill. Little Salmon and Grande Ronde rivers join in the canyon. Grouse and Barlett benches are on one side of the canyon and Eden across and Lost Prairie to the…
"Wallowa County homestead cabin with hop vines growing on it - circa 1912."
"Overview of Elgin, Oregon looking west from the opposite side of the Grande Ronde River - circa 1900. Fish Trap Bridge can be seen to the right." [Photograph used in "History of Elgin, Oregon" by Bernal Hug (page 93, picture no. 63).]
"View of Elgin, Ore. with the bridge crossing the Grande Ronde River in the foreground - circa 1910."
"Log drive on the Grande Ronde River above Perry, Grande Ronde Lumber Company Dam - near La Grande, Oregon - circa 1905."
"No. 5 - Minam and Wallowa Rivers at Forks, circa 1920. La Grande-Wallowa Lake Highway, Ore."
"Oregon shortline engine with five passenger cars on the Snake River Bridge - 1885.
"The Mill at Oro Dell, located beside the Grande Ronde River, circa 1890." The mill was built to serve as a grist mill, a place where grain is ground into flour. "The building was later used as an electric power plant for La Grande, Oregon." [See:…
"Troy, Oregon (Wallowa County). Ice jam above Troy as it appeared January 31, 1920. Jam occurred on Grande Ronde River December 25, 1919." A man in a buggy pulled by a 2-horse team travels through a deep channel that has been cut through the snow and…
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