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"April 1979 - Elda Waite [left end, in profile]"
Standing next to Waite is Helen Pfel [or Phel, or Peel].
"December 1979 - Donna Camphill"
Donna Camphill poses behind a table with a cake on it. This appears to be a retirement reception.
"May 2, 1980" This appears to be Wilbur Osterloh's retirement party. He is cutting the cake, but has paused to wipe tears from his eyes. Appearing in the picture are: Jim Lundy, Betty Bohnenkamp, Dave Gilbert, Doug Spear, and Osterloh.
"1/27/1981" Eight images of a casual retirement party held for two staff employees, George McClure and Vince [last name?]. Vince [last name?] (shown).
"1981 - Beaux Arts Ball" Thirty-nine images of participants and attendees, most wearing costumes, at the Beaux Arts Ball.
"12/1983" Six images taken at the Retirement Party for Howard Bailey. He appears in all of the images wearing a dark colored, sweater vest over a light colored, long-sleeved shirt .002 - Robert Rutherford (dark jacket), Betty Bohnenkamp (woman in…
"10/1984 - Howard Anderson" Sixteen images of Howard Anderson working in his yard and chopping firewood. These appear to have been taken after his retirement from EOSC.
"12/1984 - Retirement Party for Ruth Gibbs and Lorraine Piper" - eighteen images 84129 .012 - [Appears to be:] Pat May (right foreground, in profile), Betty Peck (middle background). .014 - Jim Lundy (left), Ray Steele (right). .015 - Cleo Sorenson…
"5/1985 - Nolan Young Retires" - nine images .001 - Tom Roper (left). .006 - From left to right: Dee Curtis (2nd), [appears to be:] Sandi Boren (3rd, back to camera). .007 - Nolan Young (left). .008 - From left to right: Gary Feasel (1st), Jerry…
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