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Twenty-six images taken during the Native American Root Feast and Powwow held in Hoke Hall. This set includes the costuming / regalia worn, dancing, drumming, audience members, and families.
"April 17, 1976 - Indian Root Feast, Saturday" - twenty-five images
"April 19, 1977 - Diane Walker [left], Sara Smilde [right]"
"April 1978 - Diane Walker"
Dressed in full Native American regalia, Diane Walker and her baby, promote the upcoming Root Feast.
"April 1978"
One image of the celebration, dancing, and regalia that was worn at the Native American Root Feast.
"5/7/1983 - Indian Powwow - Jess Jones, Umatilla Tribe" Dressed in their finest Native American regalia, young men parade and perform during the 1983 powwow in Quinn Coliseum.
"5/7/1983 - Indian Powwow" Five images featuring Jess Jones from the Umatilla Tribe, dressed in full regalia and carrying a spear, and other Native Americans taken at the 1983 Powwow.
"5/7/1983 - Indian Powwow" Dressed in full regalia, Native Americans participate in a powwow and perform for an audience in Quinn Coliseum.
"5/7/1983 - Indian Powwow" Twenty images of Native Americans, dressed in full regalia, and participating in the 1983 Powwow in Quinn Coliseum. xx333 .017 - Jess Jones, Umatilla Tribe (2nd in from left end, holding spear).
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