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"1940 - KLBM radio 'disk jockey"
"1940 - KLBM radio building exterior"
"April 1977 - Solar Energy Project - Tom Rigney [left] w/ Paul Stephas [right] - A comparison of pyranometer records reveals the differences of solar energy from day to day. The records will help determine the number of solar panels necessary to…
"1949-50 - Gertrude L. Knelleken, Instructor in Women's Physical Education" [Photo appears in the 1950 Mountaineer yearbook, "Women's P.E." section.]
"Theater #3" Two young men wearing long sleeved, dress, shirts, and skinny ties study a vinyl album.
"9/23/1981 - KEOL" - three images

Leonard Hermens, student manager (left).
"10/1989" Five images of Pierce Library director, Doug Oleson (left) and music professor, John Cobb (right) holding record albums that have been donated to the library.
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