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This is a picture of the front and side of Inlow Hall from the bottom of the small staircase. The ornate railing, benches and stairs are all in the foreground. There is very little landscaping and the grass is scrubby.
"Eastern Oregon Normal School - La Grande, Oregon - 1929"
"College buildings - Eastern Oregon College of Education - La Grande, Oregon"
Passengers stand at the back rail of a passenger car or caboose.
"Sumpter Valley Railway - circa 1910-1915" Passengers stand at the railing of the rear passenger car.
"1990 - Nicole Resare [left]" Dick Stenard [right].
"1990 - Christina Corona [left]" Dick Stenard [right].
"1990 - Perla Rodriguez [left]" Dick Stenard [right].
"1990 - Jennifer Chambers [left]" Dick Stenard (right).
"1990 - Cedar Nolte [left]" Dick Stenard [right].
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