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"Sumpter Valley Railway - circa 1910-1915" Passengers stand at the railing of the rear passenger car.
Passengers stand at the back rail of a passenger car or caboose.
Two young women stand by one of the ornate railings and staircases that ran out from the side of Inlow Hall. [This picture appears in the EOU Historical Photos collection at 2007.3.1927. In that image, alumni Bess Warner Cook is holding open a…
"Kate Houx, Director of Training School - 'May all the fine possibilities of which teaching is possessed be yours -- the lasting friendships, the opportunities to awaken and inspire, joy in the successes of those you teach and of those with whom…
"N8." EONS Grand Staircase under construction - 1927/28
EONS Grand Staircase under construction - 1927/28
"EON Grand Staircase under construction 1927/28"
"EOU [EONS] - Grand Stairway nearly completed"
"N.7. EOU [EONS] - Grand Stairway under construction 1927/28"
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