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"Salesmen (without booths) at the weekly (Thursdays) open market at Dagupan - central Luzon - a few miles from Binmaley"
"Sales people who have neither booth nor cart - at market day (Thursdays) at Dagupan Luzon"
"Farmer with stick over his shoulder with a burlap bag on each end. Among the carts at Market day (Thursdays) in the near by town of Dagupan Luzon"
"Fabric seller at the weekly open market in Dagupan - Luzon"
"Food vendors at the weekly town square market at Dagupan - Luzon"
"Market day - customers and sellers - Dagupan public market Luzon P.I."
"Individuals at the weekly (Thurs) open market in Dagupan Luzon"
"Shoppers at the weekly public (open) market at Dagupan - Luzon P.I."
"Overview of the Dagupan weekly (Thursdays) public market - Luzon"
"Overview of the weekly (Thursdays) public market in the city square of Dagupan - Luzon - Lingayen Gulf area"
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