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"Infra Red - 'Arty' Limbs by the beach. Speed graphic original"
"Infra Red - 'Arty' Limbs by the beach. Speed graphic original"
"Local native man using an adze tool shaping a wood item"
"Jap Landing Craft Finch Haffen"
"Mata and Moto, two native men who worked for mosquito abatement. Sitting in Photo section Jeep with Fred Hill, standing"
"A K-25 negative (hand held 4x5 aerial camera) Showing a 2 mast schooner and other vessels - Palm trees on shore behind"
"The 17th tactical Recon Sqdn Photo Section. The 4 connected wall tents. Paramidal tent to the left and behind housed photo Lab men. Trailer darkrooms - supplied by Gov't were not used too hot!" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Darkrooms and Mud. Hill's…
"17th tactical Recon Sqdn's electric generator - a 5,000 watt onan unit for lights in men's hall, orderly room, and every tent"
"17th tactical Recon Sqdn Photo section print finishing area. Flat tray on thin steel legs (to the left) is a 4 ft diam Print washer - final phase of the washing process. Straight back to the left of the pith helmet are boxes of photo paper contrasts…
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