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"Local native man using an adze tool shaping a wood item"
"Jap Landing Craft Finch Haffen"
"Mata and Moto, two native men who worked for mosquito abatement. Sitting in Photo section Jeep with Fred Hill, standing"
"A K-25 negative (hand held 4x5 aerial camera) Showing a 2 mast schooner and other vessels - Palm trees on shore behind"
"Fred Hill looks out to sea (toward San Francisco) from Ocean's edge at Finchhaffen New Guinea"
"Fred Hill and New Guinea men Moto and Mata who worked for mosquito abatement project, spraying kerosene/oil on any standing water puddles"
"Aerial of 17th Recon Sqdn Campsite" Map on glassine envelope indicating location of Photo Lab and Communications, as well as the Mess Hall.
"Medic's signs reminding men to take Atabrine - Anti-Malaria pills - 'Remember this?" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Remember This. Signs by the 263rd Medical Battalion urged all soldiers to faithfully take Atabrine, the bitter yellow anti-malaria pill.…
"Copy of the first view of New Guinea as the SS Gen John Pope arrived" From "Darkroom Soldier": "The Wharf of Milne Bay, November 4, 1943. Here, in August, 1942, an attack by Japanese naval forces had been repulsed by Australian infantry defending…
"The dock area at Milne Bay" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Milne Bay Wharf. Because there was no campsite for Hill's squadron when they arrived on November 4, and because commanders wanted to release the USS General John Pope to return to the States,…
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