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"Oct. 24, 1936" An unidentified school and play yard in the La Grande, Oregon area.
"G25. Greenwood School - La Grande, Oregon - '28-'29"
"G26. Greenwood School - La Grande, Oregon - '28-'29"
"9/1984 - Fall term" Two young men are standing and sitting on a wood playground structure for Ackerman Elementary School. Behind them, a small corner of Hunt Hall is visible.
"1987 - Campus" This is a picture of Hunt Hall from the "C" section side. The building is complete with all four sections. There are cars parked in the lot in front of the building. Two outdoor sets of children's playground equipment belonging to…
"3/23/1982" Hunt Hall, mainly the large "C" section. "A" section is also in view to the left of "C", and "D" section is in the right edge of the photo.
"May 14, 1980 - Doyle Slater on stilts in Imnaha School yard."
"Zabel" Students walk on the sidewalks near Zabel Hall. There is a dusting of snow on the ground and more on the hills in the background.
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