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"April 1978"
In the foreground, Ackerman Elementary School children sit in a circle on the ground, while in the background, more children play on a wooden jungle gym.

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"October 1980 - Eocene Courts" Nine images taken in the area of the Eocene married student apartments complex.

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"May 14, 1980" Five images, including the Imnaha Post Office, a commercial garage / shop, and the Imnaha School building.

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"May 14, 1980 - Doyle Slater on stilts in Imnaha School yard."

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"May 14, 1980" Nine images of the Imnaha School playground area. EOSC professor, Doyle Slater demonstrates how to use stilts for some of the children while others play on the swings and slide. 80033 .005 - Doyle Slater. .011-.012 - Doyle Slater.…

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"May 1982 - Ackerman students initiate new playground equipment"

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"May 1982 - Ackerman students initiate new playground equipment" - five images .013 - Rodney Briggs (bottom, left side, corner of image).

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"May 1982 - New playground equipment" - four images

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"May 1982 - New playground equipment" Seven images of the "opening" ceremony held on the new playground equipment at Ackerman Elementary School. .005-.006 - Ted Williams, Principal (standing on top of playground).

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"3/23/1982" Hunt Hall, mainly the large "C" section. "A" section is also in view to the left of "C", and "D" section is in the right edge of the photo.

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