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"17th tactical Recon Sqdn's electric generator - a 5,000 watt onan unit for lights in men's hall, orderly room, and every tent"
"Dismantling the Finch. Camp of the 17th Recon Sqdn"
"December 1979 - Alcohol Fuels Plant"
Storage tanks and large pipes inside the plant.
"December 1979 - Alcohol Fuels Plant"
Jack Schut (right) talks with one of the workers at the plant.
This is a constructed photo collage made out of a number of separate photographs. The background consists of outdoors bleachers, which are filled to capacity with spectators. Above the crowd, up on a platform, there is also a filming camera mounted…

"1989 - Loso Hall" An image of workers making use of ladders and platforms to reach areas where siding needs to be placed during the construction of Loso Hall.
"1989" Two images of employees painting Eastern Mountaineers with an updated look on a wall in one of the gymnasiums in Quinn Coliseum.
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