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Wearing a dark colored shirt and floral pants, a young woman studies a painting hung on the wall.
Eight images of administration, faculty, and patrons enjoying an art show on campus. .010 - Leen Inghels (right). .011 - Ralph Lewis (arms crossed). .012 - Standing: Neva Neill (left), John Jambura (right). .013 - Center in front of display case:…
"Art Department" Patrons attend an EOC art show. The man sitting on the left end appears to be Charles Quaintance, and next to him is artist, Betty Feves.
"Art Department" Patrons speak with artist, Betty Feves at an EOC art show.
"1992 - David Waln, Joan Mondale" Joan Mondale holds and looks at a ceramic plate. Sitting on a pillar in front of her is a ceramic vase with evergreen trees on it. Standing with his hands in his pockets, David Waln faces Joan Mondale. Behind him, is…
"1989" An older couple has stopped to study a series of three paintings, all of a large vase. They are both holding papers in their hands

"5/1986 - Gallery Opening"

Foreground from left to right: Carolyn Gilbert (1st, in profile), Dave Gilbert (3rd, in profile).

"5/1986 - Gallery Opening"

From left to right: Florence Miller (in profile), Marilyn Gatley, Ian Gatley (in profile).
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