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Five images of administration, faculty, and patrons enjoying an art show on campus. .008 - Rodney Briggs (2nd in from left). .009 - Tom Bradbeer (left of display case), Werner Bruecher (Bradbeer's right). .010 - Yvonne Tagge (blonde woman). .012 -…
"January 12, 1979 - Casino Night - Deanna, Caren Greenough" A young woman holds a paper cup in one hand and a cigarette in the other hand while smiling for the camera. She is sitting at one of the playing card tables with a couple of other young…
"January 12, 1979 - Casino Night - Mr. Fingers" Wearing a bowtie and holding playing cards in his hands, "Mr. Fingers" drums up excitement in his area on Casino Night.
Wearing a dark colored shirt and floral pants, a young woman studies a painting hung on the wall.

"12/1986" An image of of patrons posing together with a painting and Provost Jim Hottois.

From left to right: Judd Koehn (2nd), Jim Hottois (3rd)

"12/1986" From left to right: Art Professor Judd Koehn (2nd), Provost Jim Hottois (3rd).

"5/1986 - Gallery Opening"

Foreground from left to right: Carolyn Gilbert (1st, in profile), Dave Gilbert (3rd, in profile).

"5/1986 - Gallery Opening"

From left to right: Florence Miller (in profile), Marilyn Gatley, Ian Gatley (in profile).
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