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"No. 57 Boat landing, Wallowa Lake Park, Joseph, Ore."
"Postcard of Riverside Park from Spruce Street stone entrance - 1923. Addressed to Miss Jessie Allen, Nampa, Idaho - from Ed."
"Camp Curry's Fire Fall in Yosemite Nat'l Park - date unknown" - appears to be a copy of a painting
"Susan McAlister Williamson and Dunham Wright"
"Susan McAlister Williamson and Dunham Wright"
"Dunham Wright - wheelchair - Pioneer meeting - Riverside Park - 1940"
"The Oaks Park was in Portland"
"No. 70 Camp Grounds - Wallowa Lake Park, Ore."
"No. 62 Amusement Building - Wallowa Lake Park, Ore."
"Wallowa Lake Lodge, Wallowa Lake Park"
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