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"1966 - Seasons Greetings from our house to your house, The Bech Family. Your son is a 'doll' but see by reverse side what can happen in years to come - Fun huh?! So glad you two couples have such a nice relationship and hope 1967 holds many good…
"May 1982 - Sunday Parent's Breakfast"

John Cobb (left end of serving line).

"May 1982 - Sunday Parent's Breakfast"

Rodney Briggs (right, back to camera).

"May 1982 - Sunday Parent's Breakfast"

Rodney Briggs (right, in profile).
"May 16, 1967 - Cathy Clark, Gary Rath - Parent's Weekend Co-Chair" The two co-chair students pose together in front of a calendar as a reminder to parents to "save the dates" for Parent's Weekend.
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