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"Misc. Activities" Students sit around a campfire roasting marshmallows.
"Misc. Activities" Students fish from the shore of a lake.
"1976 - Orientation Days"
An unidentified man, but probably involved in the Outdoor Program, rappels down the wall from the roof of East Dorion Hall.
"November 30, 1976
Changing of 'Ozone' State back to 'Oregon' State - Mountain climbing students from Outdoor Program - Richard Candelaria [left], Ken Cronk [right]."
"October 13, 1978 - October Festival"
Professor Ralph Lewis works in the Outdoor Program's food booth at the festival.
"October 1980" Thirty-eight images of various booths with games, food, and selling wares, at the 1980 October Festival. 80093 .015 - Booth run by Union County Young Republicans. .017 - Booth run by Intercultural Relations. 80094 .002 - Betty Peckā€¦
"August 1980" Two images of a young woman, wearing sturdy hiking boots while out on some large boulders at the edge of a lake.
"October 15, 1980 - Mike Daugherty, Outdoor Program Advisor" Wearing a helmet and harness, outdoor program advisor, Mike Daugherty makes his way up the face of a cliff.
"October 15, 1980 - Mike Daugherty, Outdoor Program Advisor" Five images of Outdoor Program Advisor, Mike Daugherty, wearing a helmet and harness while making his way up the face of a cliff.
"October 15, 1980" Eleven images of members of the Outdoor Program spending a day rock climbing, belaying, taking pictures, and just relaxing outdoors with a guitar. .015 - Mike Daugherty, Program Advisor (left).
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