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"August 1980" Two images of a young woman, wearing sturdy hiking boots while out on some large boulders at the edge of a lake.

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"2/3/1981" Four images of a young man, wearing clothes for cold weather and sturdy hiking boots, standing out in the snow in an area of the Blue Mountains in Oregon.

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"11/1983" Four images taken in Hoke Hall of students looking at tables and displays set up to promote various campus programs.

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"3/1986" Three images: Two of a young person windsurfing on Morgan Lake, and one of just Morgan Lake.

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"1989" Five images taken at a launching area for rafting on the Grande Ronde River.

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"1989 - Eastern Outdoor Program Open House" - sixteen images .002 - Standing: Left side of table: Dave Gilbert (back to camera), Dick Stenard (in profile). Right side of table: Kelly Yenser (back to camera). .003 - Standing: Dave Gilbert (left, in…

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"September 1990" Two images of people rappelling from the roof and down the wall of Dorion Hall.

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"Misc. Activities" Students sit around a campfire roasting marshmallows.

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"Misc. Activities" Students fish from the shore of a lake.

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"November 30, 1976
Changing of 'Ozone' State back to 'Oregon' State - Mountain climbing students from Outdoor Program - Richard Candelaria [left], Ken Cronk [right]."

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