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"1st day of...(torn off)" A gentleman, who appears to be Dick [Richard] Hermens walks near two women on a campus sidewalk by Zabel Hall. They are all three carrying papers, handbooks, or notebooks. A bike rack is behind them on the right, and further…
"1990" Twelve images of lectures and information gathering during orientation activities. 90002 .028-.029 - Terral Schut (at podium). 90003 .004-.005 - [Appears to be:] Alan Davis (standing and speaking). 90013 .011-.014 - Nancy Youlden (standing and…
"1990" A man and woman look through a student handbook togther during orientation activities.
"1990" An image of Mike Daugherty (seated left) helping a student at the Housing table.
"1990" Five images of students being helped at the Financial Aid table. 90002 .011 - Jack Johnson (right, in profile) .018-.019 - Jack Johnson (right, in profile). 90003 .008-.009 - Jack Johnson (facing).
"1990" Two images of a student being helped at the Student Develepment Center table. .006-.007 - Dick Stenard (middle), Alan Davis (right, in profile).
"1990" Seven images of people being helped at the Continuing Education and External Degree Program table. 90002 .007-.009 - Dixie Lund (right, in profile). .012 - From left to right: Kelly Yenser (1st), Dixie Lund (2nd). .013-.014 - Dixie Lund…
"1990" Five images of students being helped at the Career Center table. 90002 .021-.022 - Janet Millay (right). .026 - Janet Millay (right). .027 - Janet Millay (left). 90003 .001 - Janet Millay (right).
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