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"1990" Six images of Pat North helping a student at the Advising table.
"1989" Six images of new students socializing and getting acquainted during orientation activities in the Quinn Coliseum gymnasium. .006 - Saichi Oba (middle).
"1989" Eleven images of admissions personnel, administration, and ambassadors helping students during campus orientation 89068 .001 - Nancy Youlden (right, in profile). .002 - Pat North (2nd in from left, in profile). .003 - Pat North (left end).…
"1988" Thirteen images of students in the campus outdoor amphitheater socializing and watching various activities that are going on for new students week.
"1988" Twenty-six images of people playing golf and getting acquainted with each other as part of the outdoor activities during new students orientation week.
"1988" Twenty-five images taken during orientation activities in the Quinn Coliseum gymnasium during new students week.
"May 7, 1988 - Raft Race" Eighteen images of teams listening to an orientation and safety briefing prior to the Raft Race.
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