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Commonly called "Cabbage Hill" "Emigrant Hill, in the Blue Mts, on the Old Oregon Trail, Oregon"

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"Cabbage Hill - Circa 1915-1920" "No. 1 Scene near Summer Immigrant Hill, Old Oregon Trail, Oregon"

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"Boiling Point' gas station on Cabbage Hill" "Boiling Point - summit of Emigrant Hill on Old Oregon Trail in Blue Mts."

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"The Oregon Trail drop into Grande Ronde Valley"

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"Ezra Meeker at Hot Lake" Banner on covered wagon refers to some sort of "Old Oregon Trail Expedition"

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"Parade of ox drawn covered wagons - La Grande, Oregon" [Have additional 5x7 photograph with short, typed, story:] "May 27, 1939 - La Grand Reverts to Pioneer Days! La Grande went back in years today to the roaring days of '69, with businessmen and…

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"Hammond's Associated Service Flying A Gas Station - On West end of Adams Ave. La Grande, Ore. - on old Oregon Trail"

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"Heasty's Texaco Station on Old Oregon Trail - West Adams, La Grande"

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"1918 era highway bridge - W of La Grande, OR Old Oregon Trail"

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"Old Oregon Trail in the Blue Mts. Oregon"

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