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"1988 - Basketball" Eleven images taken during a basketball game against OIT, the Oregon Institute of Technology. Their mascot is the Hustlin' Owls.
"Dedication ceremony for a marker for the Oregon Trail on 'B' Avenue in La Grande, Oregon - April 10, 1906. Ezra Meeker is standing next to the marker." [See: La Grande Evening Observer for April 11, 1906 to read a description of the event.]
"Masonic History of the Northwest 1902 - A. F. & A. Masons - Officers and members of Knights Templar
"Eastern Oregon State Normal School baseball team portrait - Weston, Oregon - 1908." Identified on back of photograph: "Fred Weatherford (Olex), Lester Hearst, Hugo Weinert, Frank Miller (Cove), Ira D. Staggs (Weston), O'Harrah (Weston), Coach…
"Oregon Smelting and Refining Co. plant - interior of smelter - view of hot-air blast stove - Sumpter, Ore. area - circa 1901-1903"
"O. R. & N. station in Heppner, Oregon - circa 1880-90. On the left, [behind the railroad cars sitting on a side track] cattle are being driven to the stockyards."
"Sumpter Valley Railway, Sumpter, Oregon - 1900's. Train stopped at the site of the Oregon Smelting and Refining Co. Plant. Nickname: 'Stump Dodger'."
"The Glover Family - George, Ray, and Mrs. Glover - of Union and Astoria, Oregon."
"East Oregon Lumber Company Trestle in the Sled Springs area, Wallowa County - circa 1912."
"East Oregon Lumber Company (Enterprise, Oregon) Baldwin rod engine and cars at Sled Springs, 1928"
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