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"10/1984 - October Folk Festival"
A local artisan displays the quilts she has made to sell in a booth during the folk festival.
"10/1984 - Homecoming and October Folk Festival Parade" The Pacific Islanders' "Island-Style" float.
"1979 Oktoberfest - Trish McGrath, Dunk Tank" Wearing a patterned bikini and a good sport attitude, Trish McGrath climbs onto the platform of the dunk tank at the 1979 October Folk Festival.
"10/1985 - Octoberfest Parade" Three young women push a large 2-door convertible on wet roads in the downtown La Grande, Oregon area. A sign on the side of the car reads: "Go Mounties - ASEOSC - Cindi Bergstrom, President
"10/1982 - October Folk Festival" Standing back under the overhead awning are Dave Gilbert (right) and Burke Thomason (facing Gilbert). Next to them is a young man working the supply truck for the beer garden. A sign on the truck declares: "Ice Cold…
"October 13, 1978 - October Festival"
Those who have been identified are from left to right: John Cobb (2nd), Jim Petersen (3rd), Rodney Briggs (5th), Howard Anderson (6th), Ray Stinnett (8th), and Carol Ann Thew (11th).
"October 6, 1986 - Ken (Kendall) Baxter, Science Professor" Professor Ken Baxter tries out his roping skills on a special contraption featured at Octoberfest.
"1979 Oktoberfest - Trish McGrath, Dunk Tank"
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