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"O.R & N. Railroad Depot, La Grande, Oregon"
"An Oregon Railroad & Navigation double header east out of La Grande towards Telocaset, nearing the head of Pyle's Canyon - circa 1890's."
"OR&N 060 Switcher" A small group of men pose in front of an OR&N (Oregon Railroad & Navigation) 060 Switcher, train locomotive, #30
"4830. La Grande Railroad yard - Jefferson Ave. - 1895+/- [about 1888] (contact neg. from a supplied film transparency)" View of Oregon Railroad & Navigation depot and roundhouse. Ditch in foreground.
"Train Engine 55 in Wallowa Canyon" "On the O.R.&N.R.R. Elgin, Oreg. - Wallowa Extension"
This is a close-up of the wheel configuration of a train engine.
Several unidentified people stand out in front of the Oregon Railroad & Navigation depot in Kamela, Oregon - about 1890. Snow is mounded up in front of them, and icicles hang from the roof.
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