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"Mother bathing young girl on tiny Island of Ambulong - part of the extended family of James Aubi - Taken by Fred Hill while other soldiers fished from the crash boat" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Bathing the Children. James Aubi's sister bathes her…

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"Nephew of James Aubi of Ambulong - an Island I visited while others were fishing on the crash boat - Aubi rowed out to the crash boat to greet us and invited me to come ashore to take pictures"

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"Distraught young man (crying). Member of James Aubi's extended family, on Ambulong taken by Fred Hill"

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"90th Bomb Group - 'Jolly Rogers' - B-24 nose art 'The Butcher's Daughter"

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"Van Reimer behind fence - showering"

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"AJ Countryman showering"

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"AJ Countryman showering"

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"Fresh water swimming in river on Mindoro - Many soldiers in the water and on the bank" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Busuanga River: Upstream Bath, Downstream Laundry. Hill reported these scenes to Martha: 'En route home, we stopped at the deep part of…

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"41st Division - Wash up time at a faucet - National Guard maneuvers Hunter-Liggett Military Reservation California - June 1941"

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"1969 Gordon Russell Print Show" - nine images

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