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"1988" Two young men stop to talk outdoors at one of the brick, planting beds.
"1989" Seated on one of the sofas in Hoke Hall, a young woman is knitting.
"1989" Wearing a beret, a young man sits on the floor and uses a coffee table for a desk. He is writing in a spiral topped, notebook.
Wearing a red and white plaid shirt and cuffed jeans, a young woman uses the white sculpture as a place to study. She is sitting with a book lying across her lap and an open notebook next to her. Part of Ackerman Hall is visible behind her.
"4/1986" Five images of students outdoors on campus. 86240 .009-.010 - Pierce Library (background). 86245 .001-.003 - David Downs (left), Shane Jason [or Lasen] (right), Zabel Hall (background).
"4/1986" An image of manager, Kathy Ferguson, standing in the Hoke Hall Bookstore.
"1989" Fourteen images of students outdoors on campus. .007 - Pierce Library (background).
"1989" An image of Mike Daugherty outdoors on campus. Inlow Hall is visible in the background.
"1989" Two images of Alan Davis (left) and Mike Daugherty (right) talking outdoors on campus.
"1989" Eleven images of students outdoors on campus. 89069 .018-.019 - Pierce Library (background). .024 - Pierce Library (background). .025 - Inlow Hall (background). 89134 .012 - Inlow Hall (background). 89135 .010-.011 - Zabel Hall (background).
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