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"September 1980 - New Student Week" Four images of an unidentified young woman testing the Slip & Slide that has been set up in front of Hoke Hall. President Rodney Briggs congratulates her on her sopping wet run. .007-.008 - Hoke Hall (background).…
"September 1980 - New Student Week" Six images of administration and faculty talking outdoors at the new student week barbecue. Dave Gilbert (necktie, mostly obscured by woman in front of him).
"September 1980 - New Student Week" Seven images of new students beginning to get acquainted while playing a volleyball game. President Rodney Briggs joins the game for awhile too. .001 - Rodney Briggs (serving the ball). Ackerman Elementary School…
Five images of new students touring the Psychology Lab, meeting Professor Alice Sheppard and receiving a general orientation to the Psych program.
Five images of new students getting information and welcome packets from campus representatives as they head out for orientation and touring.
Four images of a classroom orientation with new students and their parents, being conducted by Pat Duffey.

Pat Duffey (right end, closest).
Eight images of students filling out paperwork during orientation.
Three images of new students engaging in an activity designed to help them meet each other.
"9/22/1981 - New Student Week - Yvonne Tagge explaining "1001 Things to Do at EOSC" - four images
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