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"9/1986" An image of students listening to an orientation speaker outdoors.
"9/1986" A young couple relaxes together on the grass at the barbecue on orientation day.
"9/1985 - New student days" Carrying an "Eastern Pride" painter's cap, a student handbook and a cup, a young woman walks down the steps in front of Inlow Hall. A young man is reaching out to hand her a pamphlet, and behind him is another young woman…
"9/1986" A student gives the "Hang Loose" symbol at the barbecue on orientation day during new student week.
"9/1985 - New student days" A student walks across the grass to join the get-acquainted barbecue held in the Gronek Amphitheater.
"September 1980 - New Student Week"
An image of new students playing a volleyball game in the grass near Zabel Hall.
"1976 - Orientation Days"
David [Dave] Baldwin (middle of image, in profile, has a mustache) sits with a group of students on the grass lawn out in front of Inlow Hall.
"1976 - Orientation Days"
President Rodney Briggs addresses students, faculty, and staff, during an orientation assembly held in Quinn Coliseum.
"September 1980 - New Student Week" Eighteen images taken during the new student barbecue. 80072 .001 - Pierce Library (background). .003-.004 - Background: Pierce Library (left), Ackerman Elementary School (right). 80073 .001 - Badgley Hall…
"September 1980 - New Student Week" Four images of an unidentified young woman testing the Slip & Slide that has been set up in front of Hoke Hall. President Rodney Briggs congratulates her on her sopping wet run. .007-.008 - Hoke Hall (background).…
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