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"1976 - Orientation Days"
President Rodney Briggs addresses students, faculty, and staff, during an orientation assembly held in Quinn Coliseum.
"1976 - Orientation Days"
David [Dave] Baldwin (middle of image, in profile, has a mustache) sits with a group of students on the grass lawn out in front of Inlow Hall.
Four images of a classroom orientation with new students and their parents, being conducted by Pat Duffey. .003 - Pat Duffey (right end, closest). .004 - Pat Duffey (right).
Three images of new students engaging in an activity designed to help them meet each other.
"9/22/1981 - New Student Week - Foreign Student Orientation" - ten images .006-.007 - Hoke Hall (background). .008-.009 - David Rothgerry (right), Hoke Hall (background). .010-.015 - From left to right: David Rothgerry (4th).
Five images of new students getting information and welcome packets from campus representatives as they head out for orientation and touring.
"9/22/1981 - New Student Week - John Millay with Fast Group" - four images .018-.019 - Hoke Hall (background).
Five images of new students touring the Psychology Lab, meeting Professor Alice Sheppard and receiving a general orientation to the Psych program. .008 - Alice Sheppard (right edge, back to camera). [The names of the other two Psychology Faculty areā€¦
"9/22/1981 - New Student Week - Yvonne Tagge explaining "1001 Things to Do at EOSC" - four images
Eight images of students filling out paperwork during orientation. .010 - [Appears to be:] Dwight Lippe (left).
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