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"Fishing - Lingayen Gulf - Luzon"
"Local native man poses with fishing bow and arrow aboard large outrigger boat. Biak - New Guinea" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Fishing Arrow. Standing on his canoe, a Biak fisherman demonstrates how he draws his bow and sights his fishing arrow."…
"Native homes - on stilts over the water - Soldier's laundry hanging on walk-way railings"
"Native homes on stilts over the bay waters"
"Sgt Bob Casey and young Native Boy"
"Native homes on stilts over water. Ship moving 17th Sqdn and others - to Biak - layed over several days at Hollandia. Fred Hill went ashore with Merch. Marine pig boat"
"Humbolt Bay Local Homes" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Native Homes, Humboldt Bay. Hill and two other Photo Section men persuaded an officer on the Russell Sage that they needed to document 'squadron history.' Accepting this ruse, the captain allowed…
"Bob Casey between two local New Guinea men 'Mata' and 'Moto' who worked for mosquito abatement to spray kerosine on standing water puddles"
"Local native man using an adze tool shaping a wood item - from a color slide original" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Hill frequently documented Papuan tribesmen performing activities which he admired, but due to language and cultural restraints, he…
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