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"11/1986 - Dick Satterlee" Five images of Dick Satterlee (right) receiving a donation from a businessman outside of the "La Grande Branch United States National Bank of Oregon." There is a chart at the far right for documenting the total United Way…
"7/1984 - Bow Wiles and Mark Collette take 1st place at National Phi Beta Lambda Business Contest in Atlanta" - eight images
"April 21, 1981 - ARC [Academic Resource Center?] use NSE [National Student Exchange?]" Two images (03 and 04)
"1/27/1981" Four images of two students in the National Student Exchange Program posing with EOSC employee, Bill Wells. The young women are from South Carolina and Nevada.
"March 1979 - Cross Country Rally"
Coach Ed Forshee and the cross country ski team get a chance to show off the trophy they have won at a rally held in their honor. The trophy reads: "1st Place Cross Country Combined National Championship."
"May 1977 - [From left to right:] Sally Stein, Kim Taylor (National Business Education Association Award of Merit), Carlos Easley"
"August 1976 - experimental shots"
Cars are driven along Adams Avenue in La Grande, Oregon. Banks, stores, and restaurants line the sides of the road, including U.S. Bank, First National Bank, Chuck Wagon, True Value Hardware, Mr. Glasson's, and…
"May 13, 1976 - Sigma Pi Sigma"
Also known as the National Physics Honor Society. Those who have been identified are from left to right: Dick Hermens (1st), Ralph Badgley (3rd), Donald Schnitzler (11th), and Paul Stephas (12th).
"1954-55 Phi Beta Sigma - Back row: Royce Chadwick, Clyde Warner, Jo Wheeler, Jackie Hawk, Helen Kudlac, Barbara Walker, Ron Bayes, Dave Clark. Middle row: Mrs. John Miller, Doreen Pierson, Mina Sawyer, Mrs. John Ryan, Eleanor Miller. Front row:…
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