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"Radio - electric lab" Young men work on radios and other electronic equipment at long counters in a shop classroom. Professor Carlos Easley is the last man sitting on the other side of the counter on the left end. [Photo appears in the 1949…

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"Junior Class Float entered in the Homecoming Parade in support of Ballot Measure 6. A bond which will authorize an increase in the amount of money which may be borrowed to build self-liquidating college buildings." [Photo and description appear in…

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"Darkroom staff for the Mountaineer yearbook" Two young men and two young women develop pictures in a darkroom. [Photo appears in the 1955 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 133.]

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"1969 - Evensong Queen, Jean Harmon" [Accompanied by an Evensong program dated June 6, 1969.] [A nearly identical photo appears in the 1969 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 258.]

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"Left to right: Bruce Hanna, Janice Mi[t]chell, Bruce Thomsen [Thomson]. Would you believe? Senior Class Officers." The three senior class officers pose together for a funny snapshot at "Fat*Ems Pizza." There are numerous beers on the counter in…

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"1954-55 Young Republicans" The 1954-1955 Young Republicans pose together in two rows in one of the classrooms. Back row: Duane Lindsay, Don Starr, Dwain Estes, Steve Fonda, Dave McLain, Art Hartgraves. Front row: Diana Gilstrap, Jackie Hawk, Gary…

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"Interfaith Fellowship Board" A group of both young men and women who make up the Interfaith organization pose together near a fireplace. Back row: Gail Coffin, Fred Taylor, Laura Hursh, Frank Walch, Dr. [Virgil] Bolen (advisor). Middle row: Hazel…

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"1954-55 Christine Bliss, Mary Joan Russell" Christine Bliss and Mary Joan Russell form a team for tennis doubles. Behind the fence that separates the court from the landscape is a rocky, dirt hill and numerous, leafless trees. [Photo appears in the…

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"1963 - Homecoming - 'How to loose your Beanie!'" Young, athletic men, walk in a playful group on the football field. [Photo appears in the 1964 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 59.]

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"1954-55 Mardi Gras" Couples dance together during Mardi Gras. Above them, the ceiling is decorated with hanging streamers and balloons. [Photo appears in the 1955 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 85.]

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