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"Eunice Burns" This is a portrait of Eunice Burns Thornburg wearing a checkered jacket over a white blouse, a necklace, and large framed eyeglases.
"1953-54 - Dorion Dormitory, Mrs. Thornburg, Glenda Gray, Donna Snow, Hunt Hall 'A' Section" Mrs. Eunice Burns Thornburg, wearing a dark dress and dark framed eyeglasses, sits at a table talking to Glenda Gray and Donna Snow. One of them is sitting…
"Cracker Summit Group of Mines [Bourne, Oregon] - circa 1901-1903. Shows the locations of 'Mining claims of the Cracker Eagle Gold Mining Co.' These include: The Mother Lode, North Star, Telegraph, War Eagle and the Cracker Oregon Gold Mill and…
"Mother bathing young girl on tiny Island of Ambulong - part of the extended family of James Aubi - Taken by Fred Hill while other soldiers fished from the crash boat" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Bathing the Children. James Aubi's sister bathes her…
"Filipino mother bathing her child in a large pan - one of the many off-shore Islands near Mindoro - rode there with a search and rescue crew in a Higgins boat"
"A festival at near by Urbistondo including a street dance - (with ruts in the dried mud) Here is a chaperone mother and two girls with Sgt Earl Powers of the 17th Tact. Recon Sqdn Photo section"
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