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"Union Wollen [Woolen] Mills, Union Oregon. Capacity 350,000 lbs. per. year. 30,000 pair of blankets per. year. - circa 1904" [For information about the Union Woolen Mill, see: Chapter X (pages 179-198) of "Later Woolen Mills in Oregon" by Alfred L.…
"Baker [County] area mines - North Pole Gold Mill - Cracker Creek, Or."
"Baker [County] area mines - North Pole Gold Mill - Cracker Creek, Or."
"North Pole Gold Mill - circa 1901-1903"

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"Wade & Wright Mill - Summerville, OR 1898+/-"
"Summerville, Oregon street scene in winter - circa 1890." The following businesses are identified: "J.L. McKinnis Planing Mill, Bonnett Blacksmith Shop, Ott Brewery, Bonanza Saloon."
"Robert Garner Lisle at 2 years of age - xmas 1916"
"Corn grinder for corn meal demonstration" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Ingenious Hand Mill. As explained and demonstrated by Juan Berden's neighbor, Filipinos used this mill to grind whole corn or rice into flour. Built by driving rows of metal studs…
"George Palmer Lumber Company Mill fire, La Grande, Oregon - July 27, 1913 - Buildings and structures in silhouette to areas that have been hand-tinted a reddish color."
"La Grande in 1875" [Some locations in the town have been identified in white writing, but they are unreadable.] [Print copies and digitized images located at: 2010.15.00561 - "A Town with a Future" 2010.15.00581 - "View from Mill Canyon in the SW…
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