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"Red Boy Mines and Mill - circa 1901-1903"
"Vanner Room, Bonanza Mill - Sumpter, Oregon area [Baker County] - circa 1903"
"May 19, 1977 - Near Perry, OR and the old Grande Ronde lumber mill site"
"Galloway Bros. Mill in Galloway Meadows, 7 mi. north of Elgin. Logging. Till Galloway Mill at Double Barrel Springs on Gordon Creek."
"Grossman Saw Mill, Oregon logging" This saw mill looks like it would have been a very bare bones place to work or possibly live. A large pile of logs is in the righthand corner of the picture, and it's huge size can be determined by a horse standing…
"La Grande in 1875" [Some locations in the town have been identified in white writing, but they are unreadable.] [Print copies and digitized images located at: 2010.15.00561 - "A Town with a Future" 2010.15.00581 - "View from Mill Canyon in the SW…
"Wade & Wright Mill - Summerville, OR 1898+/-"
"Mt. Emily Mill when in Enterprise"
"Hanford Reed Mill at Elgin" [This image has been taken directly from Bernal Hug's book, "History of Elgin, Oregon" (page 232).]
"Baker [County] area mines - North Pole Gold Mill - Cracker Creek, Or."
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