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"George Palmer Lumber Company Mill fire, La Grande, Oregon - July 27, 1913 - Buildings and structures in silhouette to areas that have been hand-tinted a reddish color."
"Island City, Oregon - Pioneer Flouring Mill Co. - circa 1910. Originally, Island City Mercantile & Milling Co., until 1896 when the milling interests were sold."
"Chapter VI [No source is named for this chapter reference.] - The Island City mill, built in 1871 by Caviness and Sterling, was the beginning of the town of Island City. Later Pioneer Flouring Mill Company took control of the milling business in…
"Pioneer Flour Mill at Island City (water powered - 1930)"
"Pioneer Flouring Mill Co. 1910+/- Island City, Oregon - Proprietors of Island City Roller Mills - their flour brands: Imperial Patent, White Rose, Thistle, Reliance and Purity - Dealers in Flour, Graham Germea, whole wheat flour, corn meal and mill…
"Union Oregon Lumber Mill - Ronde Lumber Co. - Near Experiment Station - Area is now (1998) High School Sport's field"
"Baker [County] area mines - North Pole Gold Mill - Cracker Creek, Or."
"Baker [County] area [Sumpter, Oregon] mines" "Bonanza Mill - Sept. 25, 1903"
"Baker [County] area mines - E and E Mill - Cracker Creek Mill" "E and E Mill and Mines - Cracker Creek"
"Baker [County] area mines - Virginia Mill and Hoist Plant"
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