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Two images of English professor, George Venn relaxing in his office while looking over a literary guide on "The West: In Literature and History."
"1964 - Instructional Meeting Center Workshop" Eight images taken during the Instructional Meeting Center Workshop of various learning areas, as well as the refreshments table.
"April 21, 1981" Three images of a student typing on a manual, Royal brand, typewriter.
"Homecoming Alumni" [The gentleman standing on the left side of the sign-in table appears to be Coach Roy Tatum. The gentleman in the background who is facing away from the camera, and who is wearing a plaid jacket, appears to be President Frankā€¦
"1958" Josie Ward sits at a desk and types on a manual typewriter.
Three young women, all wearing matching dark colored v-neck sweaters over round collared blouses, work together on numerous papers at a "Royal" typewriter.
Several young women and one young man work on various tasks in a business classroom. One woman is at a typewriter and another is at an adding machine. The young man is writing at a raised desk. There is a wall to wall chalkboard behind them.
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