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"10/1987 - New building" Four images of faculty and staff looking over the architectual plans for the projected new campus building, Loso Hall.

Greg Monahan (background, holding cup, in profile).
"1988 - Loso Hall" Two images of early construction on Loso Hall.
"1988" Five images of Mary Jane Loso having her picture taken in front of the Loso Hall construction site.
"1988 - Loso Hall" Five images of early construction on Loso Hall taken from an elevated position on Hoke Hall.
"1989" Three images of students walking on campus sidewalks that have been cleared of snow. .015 - Loso Hall under construction (background). .016 - Hoke Hall (background). .017 - Background: Pierce Library (left), Inlow Hall (right).
"1989" Six images of various students sunbathing on campus. .018 - Loso Hall construction (background).
"1989" Four images of athletes posing on and next to the Michael Gronek Memorial sculpture. .019-.020 - Hoke Hall (background). .022 - Loso Hall construction (background).
"1989" Seven images of people enjoying ice cream bars out on the Hoke Hall patio after touring Loso Hall which is under construction. .004 - Jack Schut (right side, background, in profile), Quinn Coliseum (background). .005-.006 - Judd Koehn…
"1989 - Alumni" Five images of an unidentified man and woman posing together out in the sunshine on campus. The construction of Loso Hall is visible in the background.
"1989" Twenty-six images of the central area of campus undergoing development with new sidewalks going in to connect the buildings. 89074 .007 - Hoke Hall (background, partial). .009 - Badgley Hall (background). .010-.011 - Background: Badgley Hall…
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